Paving Stone Paver Installation

Ventures Paving stone services include:
  • Paving Stone Installation
  • Walkways & Driveways
  • Fire Lanes & Temporary Access Roads
  • Overflow Stabilization
From residential to commercial paver installations, our experience guarantees a thorough accurate and outstanding install.
Ventures Contracting Inc.’s skilled crews also install specified paver systems. It doesn’t matter if your design is for fire lanes, access roads, erosion and sedimentation control overflow protection, or architectural accent, walkways or paved driveways Ventures has the capacity to install all commercial grade paver systems as well as residential ones.  A professional consultation with VCI’s engineers and estimators assists in determining and developing the project flatwork requirements, thereby integrating maximum value into your commercial land development project.
With the wide range of paving systems available for the hardscape industry, it is often confusing to determine the exact requirements and product needed to accomplish a project – whether residential or commercial – and the experts from Ventures can assist you in choosing the right product and provide the appropriate engineering schematics and plans to ensure that the job is done according to spec, according to law and is aesthetically right for its location and use. We not only take care of the surface installation, we ensure that the underlying surface is appropriately graded and prepared to ensure a long lasting and viable end product.

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Ventures Contracting, Inc. is a fast growing full-service construction firm. We have 20 years of general contracting in North Texas and surrounding regions.

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