MSE Structures - Retaining Wall Installation

 Mechanically stabilized earth or MSE is soil constructed with artificial reinforcing. It can be used for retaining walls, bridge abutments, dams, seawalls, and dikes. Although the basic principles of MSE has been used throughout history, MSE was developed in its current form in the 1960s. The reinforcing elements used can vary but include steel and geosynthetics.
Ventures Contracting Inc offers to construct:
  • Segmented Retaining Walls
  • Reinforced Slopes
  • Mechanical Anchors
  • Wire Wrapped Structures
Maximize the value and usability of your space
What we help you determine is how much undiscovered usable space you have and help you turn your site limitations into fully functional, cost effective MSE structures that are part of the landscape of today’s construction projects. Sometimes there are times when slope stabilization is your preferred option for land development. These can occur when you have tight property lines, right of way restrictions which prohibit over-excavation, unstable / variable soil conditions or the need for greater land use in development.
Our services help the developer to make the best use of the available real estate and achieve development objectives. We can assist them from increasing the size of a loading facility, or designing a wall allowing access to utility lines after project construction begins. Our services help maximize site development without impacting wetlands and open space thereby observing green laws and accommodating regulations. We can also provide MSE services to meet property line restrictions and development needs with direct anchor retaining wall systems.
Let’s face it, technology and equipment development over the last decade have transformed by the construction as well as other businesses and Ventures Contracting is no exception.  Our strengths lie in our ability to adapt to these new ways of doing business and incorporating them into our planning and implementation of a project design. We select the appropriate earth retaining technologies and equipment to meet the requirements of the various terrain conditions we encounter. 
We know our region well, so we have a general idea as to what lies beneath and how we can adapt our MSE structures to support and maintain it.  We utilize the latest engineering technology for our reinforced earth; this can include earth and rock anchor applications, soil nails, grid arrays and grout injection systems.  There are many options and our Ventures engineering team will happily discuss what anchorage system is right for your projects and your specific needs. We will then offer you an array of services and designs so that you can achieve your site development goals.

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