Ethics and integrity are at the core of everything that Ventures Contracting undertakes.
Like all companies that value integrity, Ventures Contracting, Inc. prohibits unlawful discrimination against employees, officers, customers or suppliers on account of race, color, age, sex, religion, or national origin.
Ventures Contracting Inc. goes one step further. We ensure that every person connected to Ventures will receive the utmost respect and consideration in every contact, assignment or interaction, so that our own integrity and attention to our clients’ needs are the best.
To make certain that we provide every client interaction with the esteem and respect they deserve, Ventures has supplied each employee – from the president to the part time intern –with a set of our ethics in business objectives and require and ensure that these are followed.
Our excellence in ethical behaviors results in enabling us to fulfill the promise of our work with you. We ensure that each transaction is a completely confidential, reliable and trustworthy experience. We guarantee that all projects and those involved meet our ethical standards so that total customer confidence is maintained and prized.
Our sales force, project managers and community outreach are all integral components to ensuring that our ethical standards are met. We look to each of them to provide a leadership role in all our business transactions. Our word is our bond.
We leverage our talents from a multigenerational pool in this family owned business and our family values and ethical behaviors are integral to our growth and business sustainability.
Since our inception as a small family-owned landscaping and contacting company in 1993 and through our expansion and incorporation as Ventures Contracting, Inc. in 2009, we have operated under a set of values that guide our every transaction.
Excellence – Ventures sets a high set of standards to achieve an outstanding outcome. We continually upgrade and improve our business services, our systems, staff training and customer services so that we are able to achieve a positive and outstanding outcome for all we do with each customer, each project, and each transaction.
Respect – We thrive on mutual respect. Our customers and clients are our business and when we undertake a project, we are immersed in it and consider it “our own”. This attitude translates to respect for our clients, our own work and for the finished project, so that we may all look at it with pride and claim it as ours.
Safety – Lives depend on our ability to keep everyone safe. We have no tolerance for accidents and employ a safety unit to ensure that every staff member – in house and in the field – are trained in the latest safety procedures and are completely aware of such rules that apply. From site safety to office and warehouse compliance, Ventures ensures that our workforce and work sites are safe and strive to ensure that they remain accident free.
Green –Going green and ensuring sustainability is not a mere slogan or buzzword for Ventures Contracting but an integral part of what we do and who we are. No one cares more for the future of this world than our family-owned multi-generational company does. Being green isn’t just good for the future and for the planet; it’s also good for business!

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Ventures Contracting, Inc. is a fast growing full-service construction firm. We have 20 years of general contracting in North Texas and surrounding regions.

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